Speaking and Consulting


Genny Beemyn has spoken at more than 40 colleges and universities in the past decade, as well as at numerous conferences and public events around the country. Some recent presentations include giving the keynote address at the New England ACRAO Conference in 2022, the 25th annual Andrea Carson Coley Lecture in LGBT Studies at the University of Georgia in 2019, and being a main speaker at the SPECTRUM Conference on preventing and responding to violence against LGBTQ individuals in 2018.

The subjects of their talks have included:

  • “The Changing Nature of Gender in the 21st Century”
  • “The Experiences of Trans Students Today: What We Know and Do Not Know”
  • “In Their Own Voice: Trans Students’ Experiences and Implications for Campus Change”
  • “Pronoun Matter/Pronouns Matter”
  • “LGBTQ+ Research in Student Affairs”
  • “Recognizing Gender Diversity in Research”
  • “Beyond ‘LGBTQ’: Supporting the Spectrum of Sexual and Gender Identities of Your Students”

As a consultant, Genny has worked with colleges on becoming more trans inclusive, helped develop training simulations related to LGBTQ+ inclusion in the workplace and sexual misconduct in higher education, and assisted an organization in their roll out of a gender-inclusive restroom.

Genny also has provided trainings for medical providers and hospice workers; all employees of a city; police departments; and agencies that serve seniors, families, and youth.