New Encyclopedia of Trans Studies

Genny looks over the top of The SAGE Encyclopedia of Trans Studies.

Announcing the publication of The SAGE Encyclopedia of Trans Studies, edited by Abbie Goldberg and Genny Beemyn!

From the publisher’s press release:

SAGE Publishing announces the release of The SAGE Encyclopedia of Trans Studies, a two-volume set featuring 300+ entries that examine experiences of the trans community across different subjects, cultures, and life stages.

Containing entries from over 300 contributors from the social & behavioral sciences and humanities, the encyclopedia takes an interdisciplinary and intersectional approach to examine discrimination, correct misconceptions, and increase trans awareness. Contributed articles examine key issues, including:
~ Instances of discrimination: cisgenderism, health care discrimination, and military bans
~ Key individuals: Harry Benjamin, Chaz Bono, Jazz Jennings
~ Organizations advocating for the trans community: interACT: Advocates for Intersex Youth, Lambda Legal, World Professional Association for Transgender Health
~ Major events: Stonewall Riots, Compton’s Cafeteria Riot

[Read the full press release on the SAGE Publishing website]

In addition to serving as the project’s co-editor, Genny contributed twelve entries to the two-volume encyclopedia. These entries cover a range of topics including viewing transgender through a historical lens, inclusion and exclusion of transgender people in the LGBTQ movement, crossdressers as a part of the trans community, campus policies and campus climate, and groups such as Tri-Ess and Transexual Menace.

[Learn more about Genny’s contributions to the SAGE Encyclopedia of Trans Studies.]